LA Chargers: Day three mock draft after trading day two picks

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(Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

With the 220th pick, the Chargers select…

. Running Back. Sewo Olonilua. 220. 872

I’d be surprised if the Chargers decided to not take a running back in the draft unless there was an undrafted free agent they really liked. Sewo Olonilua would be an interesting fit for the Chargers given the current running backs they have. Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson will both make noise in space, but there are some questions about them in goal-line situations.

Taking a 6’3″ 240 weapon for some situational runs isn’t a bad pick this late in the draft. The Chargers could also decide to use him as more than just a running back. There have been some discussions amongst scouts and executives about moving Olonilua to fullback. He has enough power and initial push to do so, but would probably need to become a more consistent blocker.

Some raise concern about the fact that Olonilua split carries at TCU with Darius Anderson. That’s not a real issue for me when he’s going to be the third running back on the roster. Again, the Chargers would plan to use him as a strictly situational back, barring injury.

Olonilua won’t have to carry a full load if he becomes a Charger, and that fits his skill set nicely. If he ends up playing some time at fullback or is deemed a hybrid fullback/running back, he could fill Derek Watt‘s role.

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The Chargers could trade up into day two of the draft, but these are some of the names they could look at if they stay put. Jefferson has the potential to be an explosive third receiver in the slot. Adeniji has some great power in his upper body and could bring some great depth to the offensive line.

Guidry is a nice depth piece as a nickel corner. who could play a bigger role in future seasons. Finally, Olonilua is a power running back who could give the Chargers some momentum heading into tight yardage and red zone situations.