Chargers News: Fans react to the team trading up for Kenneth Murray


The Los Angeles Chargers selected Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick in 2020 NFL Draft and Charger fans thought their job for the day was done. However, some Chargers news took the league by storm, as the Chargers traded back into the first round.

The Chargers traded the 37th overall pick and the 71st overall to the New England Patriots to move up to the 23rd overall pick. While the Chargers are sitting out in day 2, barring a trade, they essentially traded a third-round pick to move up 14 spots in the order.

That is a steal and with the 23rd overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Chargers selected inside linebacker Kenneth Murray out of Oklahoma.

Chargers news: How the fans reacted to the team trading up for Kenneth Murray.

Unlike the Justin Herbert selection, Charger fans really seemed to love the team trading back into the first round and selecting Kenneth Murray.

One of the reasons why the Herbert selection was not popular at the time was because Isaiah Simmons was still on the board. With the Chargers taking Murray, it has changed the outlook on the Herbert selection for some fans.

Redeemed ourselves.

— Meghann Leigh (@MeghannLeigh_) April 24, 2020

Not only does this make the Herbert selection better in hindsight, but some are even arguing that Murray is the better fit on the Chargers as a pure inside linebacker. At least that is what we think Chris Wilson is getting at.

Love it! Much better than Simmons for their needs.

— Chris Wilson (@chrismadethat) April 24, 2020

Another disappointing aspect of the early first round for the Chargers was the Miami Dolphins drafting Tua Tagovailoa, as he was many fans’ QB1 heading into the draft. It seems like fans are not thinking about Tua anymore.

Herbert and Murray > Tua

— trey (@DERWINTATISBOOK) April 24, 2020

Murray likely would not have been available with the 37th overall pick and it was kind of unclear what the Chargers planned on doing with that selection after so many offensive tackles were taken in the first round. Perhaps that is part of the reason why the Chargers were okay with moving up.

Better than reaching for a second round OT.

Improves depth and talent

— Brady (@Bradybeerboy) April 24, 2020

The Chargers defense is already good. Now, it has the potential to be the best in the league. Prove Justin Urgo wrong.

Best defense in the league prove me wrong

— Justin Urgo (@justin_urgo) April 24, 2020

Not every fan seemed to love the selection, however, even if they liked the team picking a linebacker. Another big name still available was Patrick Queen, who I instantly thought the Chargers were going to draft after the trade-up was announced.

Why Murray and not Queen????

— Tyler Demott (@DemottTyler) April 24, 2020

Be sure to download the Bolt Beat app or keep tabs with us as we are going to break that down in detail in the coming days. Some do not like the move because of the draft capital that the team gave up.

They gave away 2nd and 3rd picks, way to high a price.

— michaelcohen (@michaelcohen99) April 24, 2020

However, if you really think about it, the Chargers essentially traded just a third-round pick to move up 14 spots to the 23rd overall pick. Sure, they will not be part of the fun on day 2, but just a third-round pick to move up 14 spots is a steal.

How do you feel about the Kenneth Murray trade up and selection?

— Bolt Beat (@BB_Chargers) April 24, 2020

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