Chargers News: Fan reaction to the Chargers selecting Justin Herbert


The Los Angeles Chargers needed a quarterback heading into the 2020 NFL Draft and they got just that with the sixth overall pick, selecting Justin Herbert out of Oregon. This was not the Chargers news that most fans wanted to see.

Tua Tagovailoa was the most popular potential selection that the Chargers could make but the Miami Dolphins, amid all the smokescreens, did the thing that we all thought they were going to do before the 2019 season even began: draft Tua.

That left the Chargers with the choice of Justin Herbert, Jordan Love, Isaiah Simmons or an offensive tackle. The Chargers went with Herbert, and some fans hated the move, some loved it.

Chargers news: Fans react to the Justin Herbert selection.

We put a filler out over on our Twitter account to see how Charger fans are taking the selection, and, well, the responses are mixed, but there are some very unhappy fans.

I hate the chargers and their willing to be content with mediocrity

— TEAMGARZA (@teamgarza215) April 24, 2020

I mean, just in terms of record, the Chargers have been pretty mediocre over the last decade. The team has a 77-83 record over the last 10 seasons. Not awful, not great. Mediocre.

Micheal Oliver gives his prediction on how Herbert will progress into the NFL:

Anger, really not a good pick. He’s a college QB, won’t stick in the pros

— Michael Oliver (@bigmoses187) April 24, 2020

We have seen quite a lot of college quarterbacks who have the intangibles but for whatever reason do not translate to the league. One big con of Herbert heading into the draft was his poor performances in high-pressure situations. Luckily, he is coming into a situation where he has a year to grow.

Some draw comparisons to arguably the worst draft pick in Chargers’ history.

Ryan Leaf

— CougarDon (@CougarDon1) April 24, 2020

It was not just a bad pick for some fans, it was the worst-possible pick. While that might be a bit of a stretch, I understand the sentiment after all of the anticipation heading into the draft.

Worst outcome possible.

— ct (@cthurlow13) April 24, 2020

However, it was not all negative. There was a select portion of the fanbase that wanted Herbert over Tua. While I did not fall into that category, I do understand why it is easy to like Herbert.

He has NFL size, a rocket arm, no injury history and is coming into a situation where he can learn and develop for a season, which is probably the best-case scenario for him.

It is Herbert season for some. So much so that there have been some excellent memes made. See below:

SHOWTIMEHaters bout to wake up

— sCory (@ttvScory) April 24, 2020

Perhaps the best sentiment I have seen was sent in by Nathan Morrill. Herbert definitely was not the best pick, but I understand why it was made. It is hard to get excited about but it could easily end up panning out and proving us wrong.

SHOWTIMEHaters bout to wake up

— sCory (@ttvScory) April 24, 2020

Most importantly, though, there was my personal favorite Twitter account that weighed in. This is the second draft in a row that the Chargers have drafted a quarterback and some fans just want one thing: Easton Stick.

They haven’t stopped me, only dampened my spirit

— Easton Stick Propaganda (@EastonStickInfo) April 24, 2020

At the end of the day, Justin Herbert is a Charger and he is now our guy. It is just foolish to root against the quarterback of your favorite team just to prove a point. As someone who has been critical of Tyrod Taylor before, I know this all too well.

You do not have to love Justin Herbert, and we might not even see him this season, but we have to support him as Charger fans.


Do you like the Justin Herbert selection?

— Bolt Beat (@BB_Chargers) April 24, 2020

It might not be the Chargers news that we wanted to see, but now that it is a reality, let’s be positive.