Chargers News: Miami Dolphins considering trading up to draft a tackle

Any news or reports about the 2020 NFL Draft that is related to the first five picks is pretty important Los Angeles Chargers news.

Whatever happens in the first five picks is going to have a big impact on who the Chargers select in the draft. There are various different avenues for the team to take, with the most important question being if Tua Tagovailoa is going to fall to the Chargers at the sixth pick.

Well, the latest reports about the one team that is poised to draft him, the Miami Dolphins, is promising Chargers news.

Chargers News: Miami Dolphins considering moving up to the third overall pick to draft an offensive tackle.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweeted on Wednesday that the Miami Dolphins have called teams in front of them and are gauging the price of trading up from the fifth overall pick to the third overall pick to draft an offensive tackle.

This is very important to the Chargers as the Dolphins trading up and selecting a tackle would likely lead to Tua Tagovailoa falling to the sixth pick. Tua is a better quarterback prospect than both Justin Herbert and Jordan Love and would be the best-case scenario selection for the Chargers in terms of quarterback ceiling.

Joe Burrow and Chase Young are essentially locked to go first and second overall. Assuming the Dolphins select a tackle, that would leave just the New York Giants and Detroit Lions. The Giants do not need a quarterback and could look to draft defensive standouts Jeff Okudah or Isaiah Simmons. If not them, they could take a tackle.

The Detroit Lions have a sneaky case to draft a quarterback but it would be shocking to see them draft a quarterback to sit behind Matthew Stafford when they have the chance to snag either Okudah or Simmons.

Of course, the one thing to remain wary about is this being a smokescreen. Realistically, the only team that is going to select a tackle ahead of the Dolphins is the Giants. And with such a top-loaded tackle class, the team is still going to have an elite option to choose from at five.

Or, maybe the team is looking to trade up to land Tua. The Lions have interviewed both Tua and Justin Herbert and could flex their muscles and offer the pick to both the Dolphins and the Chargers to get more draft capital out of it.

That would force the Dolphins to outbid the Chargers, which they could do with more draft capital, in order to keep the Chargers from moving up and getting Tua.

Or maybe they are not interested in Tua at all. There is some speculation that the team likes Justin Herbert and could be concerned about Tua’s health past. In that case, Tua would then fall to the Los Angeles Chargers.

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It is going to be a fun NFL Draft and as someone who promised to dye my hair blue if the team drafts Tua, I am going to be watching the first five picks with a very keen eye.