LA Chargers: Six 2020 NFL Draft predictions for key positions

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(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Prediction #6: The Chargers address fullback in the seventh round or in undrafted free agency.

Derek Watt was a great special teams player and offensive blocker in his time with the Chargers. Unfortunately, he decided to sign with the Steelers in free agency. As the Chargers are currently constructed, fullback isn’t an absolute necessity. Having a power blocker who takes carries once in a while can’t hurt though.

The Chargers met with South Dakota State’s Mikey Daniel recently. Daniel predominantly played running back in college, but is converting to fullback for the purpose of the draft. He could be a really decent fit for the Chargers with his power and quickness. Daniel rushed for 4.6 yards on 252 carries and 17 touchdowns. He may not go in the draft, but the Chargers could take a look at him in undrafted free agency.

Kelton Moore is another potential running back-fullback convert. He’s a very good lead blocker at 5’11” 240, even if he isn’t the receiving and rushing threat that Daniel is.

While there’s still a lot of a volatility for how the draft could play out in the next five days, some positions of need can give us insight as to who the Chargers may go with in each round. The quarterback of the future is being taken with the sixth pick, whether that’s Herbert or Tagovailoa. Linebacker will be addressed earlier in the draft earlier than most expect.

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The team will select a wide receiver to be the third target on the depth chart after Allen and Williams. Despite inking Ekeler to an extension, the Chargers go for a change of pace back with decent size later on. Cornerback feels like a position that’s solidified without a draft pick, and I expect the Chargers to either draft or sign a fullback.