LA Chargers: Six 2020 NFL Draft predictions for key positions

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(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Prediction #5: The LA Chargers don’t take a cornerback in the draft.

The signing of Chris Harris was a pretty surprising move that no one saw coming prior to free agency. It added to a secondary that was already decently stacked. With Derwin James, Casey Hayward, Desmond King, Harris, and others, the Chargers find themselves pretty set for 2020 in the second level.

Barring a surprise cornerback prospect falling in the draft, the Chargers probably pass on a cornerback this year. While the Chargers might need the spot opposite Hayward filled with someone more permanent than a Michael Davis or Brandon Facyson eventually, it doesn’t feel like they’ll make the move now.

If someone like Bryce Hall starts slipping in the draft because teams are worried about his speed, the Chargers should take a chance on him. Other than that situation though, there’s not a lot to like about the cornerback position later in the draft. A.J. Green has good size, but plays too tightly in pass coverage. Lamar Jackson is OK in zone schemes, but really struggles with tackling and run support.

The 2021 cornerback class has better depth to it in my opinion. 2021 is also when Hayward and Harris will be heading into the last seasons of their deals, so it would make sense to bulk up the secondary at that point.

Unless the Chargers simply can’t pass up value that falls to them in the draft, they should stay the course and keep the secondary as is. There are more crucial positions of need to address.