LA Chargers: Six 2020 NFL Draft predictions for key positions

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(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) – LA Charges
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) – LA Charges /

Prediction #3: A slot receiver is drafted towards the beginning of day three.

Personally, I’m keener on the LA Chargers taking a player who can be the third receiver on day two of the draft. However, the history of the Telesco regime generally suggests that the Chargers wait at receiver, other than in 2017 when they drafted Mike Williams.

The 2020 draft class has wideouts that will be drafted in the fourth and fifth rounds who have the potential to be starters in the league.

The Chargers could go for a variety of different receiver types, but my gut feeling says they’ll address the need in the slot. Devin Duvernay and James Proche are two slot receivers that could be available at the beginning of the fourth round when the Chargers are projected to pick.

Duvernay, in particular, has a lot of speed. The Chargers could use some of that, considering Mike Williams and Keenan Allen aren’t the fastest.

While Allen and Williams broke out as a fearsome duo last year, it just feels like the Chargers could use one more efficient slot receiver. Making the defense worry about as many potential receivers as possible is a good thing.

Taking some of the pressure off Allen and Williams is also good  in the long term. An efficient third receiver could also help distract defenses from Austin Ekeler and Hunter Henry on specific plays.

Receivers like Andre Patton and Jason Moore could develop in the 2020 season, but 2019 showed that they aren’t quite ready yet. Another problem with their potential development is how there might not be an offseason due to the pandemic. If the Chargers take a receiver late in day two or early on day three, they’ll be set up pretty nicely.