LA Chargers: Looking at tight end options beyond 2020

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Tight end option one: Re-sign Hunter Henry to a long term deal

This option is likely the one most fans would prefer, and it seems to be what the team wants to do. Very simply, if Hunter Henry wants to remain a Los Angeles Charger, he will be a Charger.

Hunter Henry is still only 26 years old, and signing him to a contract for three to four years (after playing out the franchise tag) would keep him with the organization until he is around 30 years old, and gives the team time to groom a replacement within the coming years.

The one question that comes to mind is, how much would a contract for Hunter Henry cost the Chargers? Something along the lines of three years, $31.5 million would not be surprising to anyone. That would put Henry amongst the top three highest-paid tight ends in football in terms of average annual value.

Locking up top-five production at a top-five price seems to make sense for both sides, and as things currently stand it seems like this is what the LA Chargers are looking to do. However, other players at more important spots may be looking for larger contracts, and things do not always work out how they were supposed to.

Hunter Henry is supposed to be the tight end of the future for the Los Angeles Chargers. If everything goes according to plan, everyone gets re-signed and this team keeps its Super Bowl-caliber roster for the coming years. Keep Hunter Henry in the (soon to be new and improved) powder blue.