LA Chargers: The best fan-made renderings of the new jerseys

LA Chargers (Photo by PEDRO PARDO/AFP via Getty Images)
LA Chargers (Photo by PEDRO PARDO/AFP via Getty Images) /

The LA Chargers are releasing new jerseys with their move into SoFi Stadium for the 2020 season and the hype for them has grown exponentially. Virtually everyone who has gotten an early pick at the jerseys has reacted in the same way: with awe.

That is hard to do. The Chargers already have one of the best jerseys in sports in the powder blues and the early indications are that they are going to improve what is already a sacred NFL jersey. How can they improve it so much where people are literally in awe? I have no idea.

The jerseys are set to be revealed on April 21 and Charger fans are patiently counting down the days. Between the NFL Draft and the new jerseys, next week is going to be a busy news week for Charger fans.

Charger fans have also been trying their hand at guessing what the jerseys could look like by posting renderings of potential jersey designs. There have been some pretty sweet ones, so we decided to break down some of the best.

The best fan-made renderings for the LA Chargers new jerseys:

*Note: None of the jerseys below are official nor do we expect any to be official.

The white with powder blue numbers:

Just gonna leave this here @Chargers @blaqbadger14

— "SPIDA" (@spidagrfx) March 24, 2020

Out of any potential new jersey design, this is the one that I would most want to see. Courtesy of Twitter user @spidagrfx, we see exactly what the all-white jerseys with the new powder blue would look like.

They look similar to the LA Chargers’ retro jerseys with a fresh and clean spin. This is not all that different from what the Chargers have had before, but with other jerseys in the rotation, this could very well be the least shocking and they are still as clean as can be.

The charcoal greys:

There is some speculation that the LA Chargers are going to have grey uniforms in 2020 and while some say that they have sources, I would not take it as anything more than speculation until it is actually made official.

However, we still got a look into how these grey jerseys would look and oh boy, are they nice. Some fans might not like they so much because grey is not a color in the Chargers’ color-way but it could be a baseball-esque spin on the jerseys where the Chargers wear the greys on the road.

Not that many teams have grey jerseys in the NFL, with the most prominent version being the Detroit Lions’ color rush jerseys.

Powder blue helmet:

— Dang Phung (@theDangsta) April 14, 2020

This jersey is being passed off as a potential leak, and again, I would not believe that any of these are actual leaks from the team until the team itself announces what the jerseys are going to be. Especially considering Derwin James still has the NFL100 logo on his jersey.

This would be an interesting look. The power blues certainly are different and do look nice but I am not entirely sold on the powder blue helmet. It looks fresh, it looks clean, but I am not sure that the helmet alone would be enough to warrant some of the reactions that the new uniforms have been getting.

A clean set of jerseys

• powder blue color rush• white w/ gold pants – inspired by chargers' earlier unis• black color rush – inspired by lakers' hollywood nights jerseys (and cause why not?)

— Seth Reese ن (@offseth_) April 10, 2020

Seth Reese gives us seven different uniform combinations in this tweet thread and I wanted to highlight the ones that I like the most. The three on the second tweet are all absolute gold and I would not mind seeing an all-black Chargers jersey, especially considering they have been using a lot of black backgrounds in their promo videos leading up to this.

The white with the yellow pants are great but even the white with the blue pants or the all-white are great. I don’t think the team could really go wrong with any of those combinations. I do not like the all yellow and while those powder blues are not all that different from past years, I really like how they look and would look stunning with the white helmets and white accessories.

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My only complaint would be that there is no color rush, as the color rush is my favorite current jersey right now.