LA Chargers: Best players to be drafted that never played for the Bolts

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(Photo by Peter Brouillet/NFLPhotoLibrary) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Peter Brouillet/NFLPhotoLibrary) – LA Chargers /

The LA Chargers have drafted some prominent NFL names that never ended up playing for the team.

The LA Chargers have drafted some iconic players throughout the history of the franchise that will go down as some of the all-time greats. Junior Seau is one of the best linebackers of all-time, LaDainian Tomlinson is a top-five running back of all-time and Drew Brees is a top-five quarterback of all-time.

Not every player that the Chargers draft turns out to be great, obviously, and not every great player that the Chargers draft end up playing for the Bolts.

Throughout the team’s history, whether it be during the AFL/NFL days or after the merger, the Chargers have drafted some players that went on to have a great career without ever suiting up in the powder blue.

The rules to be a candidate are simple: the players on this list never appeared in a regular-season game for the Chargers, meaning they could have been on the roster at some point before landing elsewhere.

4. Trent Green

This is an example of someone being on the LA Chargers roster but never actually playing. The Chargers drafted Green with the 222nd overall selection in the 1993 NFL Draft and served as a backup for one season with the Chargers.

He never stepped between the white lines during his lone season with the Chargers and went to the Canadian Football League. After a year there, he landed in Washington, which is where his career started to take form.

He finally an opportunity to start in 1998 and thrived, throwing for 3,441 yards with 23 touchdowns. However, it seemed to be a flash in the pan, as after a four-year contract with the Rams, Green missed all of the 1999 season and was not great in 2000.

However, Green still had value as the Kansas City Chiefs were willing to trade a first-round pick in the draft for him and he started what was his prime with the Chiefs. He started in Kansas City for six seasons with a 48-40 record, 21,459 passing yards, 118 touchdowns and two Pro Bowl berths.

Green went 8-5 against the Chargers in his career.