LA Chargers: The Battle for LA is already over, here’s why

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(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /


The “Battle for LA” is done. Very simply put, the LA Chargers will be the team to beat in Los Angeles for years to come. Powder blue and sunshine gold will be the colors of the people for a long time.

It would be no surprise to see the Rams undergo another rebrand within the next five to ten years. It will take a few years for them to recover from the terrible contracts and mediocre drafting under Les Snead.

When all is said and done, Les Snead may be out as the general manager of the Rams, Tom Telesco will continue to be one of the premier executives in football, Jared Goff may be shipped off or released, à la Todd Gurley this offseason, and the Rams may be looking at times reminiscent of their Jeff Fisher days.

Jalen Ramsey will most likely get an albatross of a contract, and hopefully for the Rams, it works out much better than some other major contracts they’ve given out.

If Stan Kroenke is willing to foot the bill for SoFi Stadium for a while all while putting out a mediocre team, the Chargers and their fans should be extremely thankful for making it so much easier to be Los Angeles’ football team.

Again it may take some time before the fan base is as big as some of the others in football, but winning solves those problems and the Chargers are primed to take those next steps.

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In more ways than one, the Chargers miles in front of the Rams, and the “Battle for LA” is over. Congratulations to the Rams for their Super Bowl appearance two years ago, but I feel sorry for what they may be facing up ahead.