LA Chargers: The Battle for LA is already over, here’s why

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(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

The battle of LA between the LA Chargers and LA Rams has already been decided.

The two teams set to move into SoFi Stadium this upcoming season have had polar opposite off-seasons. One is primed for an exciting future, while the other seems to have what could be a nightmare on their hands.

The LA Chargers and Rams should have both been going into the 2020 NFL season with incredibly high hopes and an absolutely beautiful stadium awaiting their arrival. However, while they will still be going into SoFi Stadium, it seems as though only one team will be going in with the high hopes that they should.

The Chargers have had what could be seen by many as an almost perfect offseason so far, and it is surely going to get better with the much-anticipated new uniforms coming in just six days and holding the sixth pick in what is a loaded 2020 draft class.

Tom Telesco has always been known for his draft prowess,  while Rams general manager Les Snead has done the team no favors in the long-term. Snead has gone out and acquired “premier” talent at the expense of his team’s future, and the team will be going into their fourth of five years without having a first-round pick.

The Chargers and Rams are both looking to go into Inglewood as the talk of the town. While it may take some time to truly build up a strong fan base in the Los Angeles area, the Chargers have shown they have many things going in the right direction while the Rams could be looking at multiple rough seasons on the horizon. Let’s look at why the “Battle for LA” has already been won.