Chargers News: More players continue to hype Chargers new uniforms

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The Chargers news that every fan is waiting for: the unveiling of the new uniforms.

Despite the entire world coming to a temporary halt, a lot of Los Angeles Chargers news has been hitting our timelines in recent weeks. A combination of NFL Free Agency, the 2020 NFL Draft and most importantly, the unveiling of the Chargers’ new uniforms have kept the Chargers news cycle going.

The Chargers already have one of the most iconic uniform sets in all of sports. The team’s powder blue uniforms have been deemed as one of the greatest uniforms in sports and have been a symbol of the team in its entire existence.

The Chargers’ color rush jerseys were also some of the best in the league. They were so good, in fact, that after Fox put a halt to color rush Thursdays the Chargers decided to make the jerseys official alternates.

The team is undergoing some tweaks as it prepares to move into So-Fi Stadium. Not only did the Chargers unveil a new, slightly flatter lightning bolt, but they also released new primary colors. The most exciting part about all this has been the new uniforms that are coming, and have been hyped up by just about everyone who has seen them.

trust us ?

— Los Angeles Chargers (@Chargers) March 24, 2020

The team is starting to show more players and people the new uniforms and either the Chargers have a large budget for bribing people to react in awe, or they are going to drop something that is going to break the sports internet.

New Charger and five-time Pro Bowler Trai Turner was just shown the jerseys, and it might make him feel so confident in himself that he will play even better and be an All-Pro.

The new uni’s CRAZY!! I’m Steppin all season ya heard me @Chargers #BoltGang

— Trai Turner (@trai_turner) April 15, 2020

Former Chargers Marcellus Wiley and Shawne Merriman also were shown the jerseys. Wiley tweeted that “the NFL’s best uniforms just got better” while Merriman said… and I quote… “sheeshhh *fire emoji* *fire emoji* *fire emoji*”.

Derwin James responded to Merriman, saying that the jerseys are “crazy big bro”. I honestly have no idea what that means but it’s got to be positive. James also tweeted that he would share the link with everyone who is dying to see it — thanks for teasing, Derwin.

Just saw our new uniforms no ? they too fire ?? y’all want the link ?? ? @Chargers

— Derwin James Jr (@DerwinJames) April 14, 2020

I think the best reaction has to be from Joey Bosa and his brother, nick. Joey claimed before he saw the jerseys that they were not going to get a reaction out of him, and quite honestly, I did not expect much of a reaction, as it is Joey Bosa.

But even Bosa was blown away by the new uniforms. Maybe this will be an added benefit in contract negotiations and Bosa will sign a new contract extension. One can only hope.

I have never been more excited to see a piece of fabric with embroidered numbers and names on it. If the players are reacting with this much excitement, I can only imagine how much excitement this Chargers news will bring the fanbase.

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One last thing: if anyone from the Chargers is reading this. If you want someone to write a blog post about how “fire” and “crazy big” the new uniforms are, with plenty of “sheesh”s thrown in, I may or may not know a guy who is willing to sign an NDA. Just saying.