LA Chargers: Full BoltBeat Roundtable 2020 mock draft

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With the 186th pick, Jason Reed selects:

. Tight End. Colby Parkinson. 186. 871

“We have already addressed several needs in the 2020 NFL Draft. We drafted a quarterback (Love), an offensive tackle (Cleveland), a receiver (Pittman) a running back (Moss) and a corner (Hand). Those are really the Chargers’ only five primary needs in the draft.

Sure, you could make the case for a rotational linebacker or a depth nose tackle, but those things can be put off and instead of reaching for a prospect just because of the “need”, I’d rather take one of the best available at this point in the draft, which also fits a need that most fans have not been talking about.

The need we are filling it tight end and we are doing it with Stanford’s Colby Parkinson. While the LA Chargers did franchise tag Hunter Henry, it is not a guarantee that he stays after 2020 and even if he does, the team needs more tight end depth to replace Vigil Green.

Parkinson is a nice depth tight end to pick up at this point in the draft that has some big upside in the passing attack. He is tall (6’7″) and lengthy, which will instantly make him impactful in the passing game and he is only going to get better from there.

Parkinson is not a great run-blocking tight end, which might be what the Chargers want out of a backup tight end, but he has the route-running capability, the hands and the athleticism to be a legitimate threat in the passing game.

Parkinson is athletic-enough where he could even essentially help the team at the WR4 position in spread formations in the slot. He is a versatile passing weapon and I would rather take that at this point in the draft than a linebacker who sees 20 percent of the defensive snaps”