LA Chargers: Full BoltBeat Roundtable 2020 mock draft

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(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

With the draft just 11 days away, the staff at BoltBeat brings you their picks in a seven-round LA Chargers mock draft.

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Roundtable here at BoltBeat, and there’s no better time to do one than the draft. Several of our writers participated in this seven-round mock draft. The picks were randomized, so each person selected in a different round:

Round 1, Pick 6: Faustino Felix 

Round 2, Pick 37: Brandon Viera

Round 3, Pick 71: Alexander Insdorf

Round 4, Pick 112: Tyler Gallagher

Round 5, Pick 151: Devon Auriemma

Round 6, Pick 186: Jason Reed

Round 7, Pick 220: Steven Haglund

Completing the mock draft was done through The Draft Network’s mock draft machine. The main needs for the LA Chargers, in order of importance, included quarterback, offensive line, cornerback, wide receiver, linebacker, running back, tight end, and interior defensive line.

With the sixth pick, Faustino Felix selects:

. Quarterback. Jordan Love. 6. 875

“The Los Angeles Chargers need to secure their quarterback of the future in this draft, and with Tua Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow gone in this scenario, they have to go with either Jordan Love or Justin Herbert at #6.

They could also choose a top offensive tackle in the class, but that is a need that can be addressed later in the draft. The same can’t be said for the quarterback position. Love fits with what the Chargers are looking for in a quarterback, and arguably has the highest ceiling of his draft class. No other quarterback in the class can make some of the crazy throws Love makes.

At the same time, no other quarterback at the top of the class threw 17 interceptions this season. Whether you blame them on his decision-making, the coaching at Utah State or his mediocre supporting cast, there is no question that his regression from an excellent sophomore year is a big concern.

With Tyrod Taylor in the fold, he wouldn’t need to start right away, and that gives the Chargers time to prepare Love for the professional game. Love has something you can’t coach. His improvisational, off-script plays and the way he slings the ball is reminiscent of Patrick Mahomes. It’s a cliché comparison, but one I couldn’t avoid making.

Love is a risky pick, but Telesco might be prepared to swing for the fences.”