LA Chargers: Why Tua Tagovailoa is the best-possible option at six

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(Photo by Bob Drebin/ISI Photos/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Bob Drebin/ISI Photos/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

2. Tua Tagovailoa is a better quarterback than Justin Herbert

There are a select group of Charger fans that like Justin Herbert the most heading into the 2020 NFL Draft and would pick him over Tua, with the main point being that Tua is injury-prone and will break down in the NFL, which is not really the case.

As a fan myself, I would not be opposed to Herbert in Los Angeles. Sure, his potential ceiling might not be as exciting as Love but Herbert was one of the top quarterback, if not the top, prospects last season and is kind of getting lost in the shuffle this year.

While I would be just fine with the Chargers drafting Herbert if Tua is already taken, in a perfect world, the Miami Dolphins would fall in love with Herbert, allowing Tua to slip to the Chargers at six.

The team is not going to have to choose between the two quarterbacks, as one of them will already be off the board, but if they did get to choose, it would be Tua.

Herbert has a great arm and has great pocket awareness with the ability to scramble, although he is not a running quarterback. Herbert does not have any glaring holes in his game but he can get rather rudimentary at times and there should be concerns of if he could find that next level in the NFL against better competition.

Tua is a better scrambler than Herbert, has arguably the best resume out of any quarterback in the draft and has the arm to make virtually any throw on the football field. He is a leader amongst men on the field and can make the game-winning, pulled out of nothing, plays that Herbert has not shown the ability to do.

Herbert would be just fine under center. But can he put the entire franchise on his back in the way that Tua is capable of? No, he can’t.