LA Chargers: Four possible quarterback situations in 2020

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(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Option #4: Doubling down on Tyrod Taylor for the season

Despite being the presumptive starter, Taylor is currently in the final year of his deal. Many analysts agree it’s generally a weaker quarterback draft class this year. Veterans like Newton and Winston present their own set of problems with injuries and turnovers respectively. The Chargers could decide to look at the landscape and go all-in on Taylor in 2020.

This move would give the team draft flexibility. The sixth pick could be used on a great offensive lineman or a defensive stud like Isaiah Simmons. If the Chargers don’t feel the need to take a quarterback on day one or two of the draft, there’s so much talent at the other positions that become available.

Free agency is currently at a standstill. Part of that is due to the coronavirus, but teams are waiting for the draft to play out as well. Jason Peters is still out there, and the Chargers have been connected to him in rumors.

If the Chargers decide to let Taylor have the job and don’t draft a quarterback at six, there’s a lot of cap space there to get some of the quality depth free agents still on the market.

There might be some hesitance on the idea because fans aren’t sold on Taylor. However, there’s not too much lost if Taylor doesn’t work out. His contract expires after the season and the Chargers can then work on drafting a quarterback in 2021 or pursuing a free agent. Stacking cheaper talent on the team for the future is important, regardless of whether Taylor or someone else is the quarterback.

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It’s hard to predict what will happen for the Chargers at quarterback this year, but these seem to be the most likely options. A rookie quarterback like Herbert or Love sitting behind Taylor for a year would be a nice way to transition. While Tagovailoa sounds nice, it still doesn’t seem possible that the Dolphins let him go with the draft capital they have.

Love, Herbert, or any rookie quarterback taken could take over midseason for Taylor if he falters. Another possibility could be an open competition with someone like Newton or Winston. Going all in on Taylor for a year and seeing how it goes could be a smart option for the draft flexibility as well as remaining free agents.