LA Chargers: Four possible quarterback situations in 2020

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(Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

Option #2: Rookie quarterback takes over for Tyrod Taylor midseason

In this scenario, the LA Chargers still take a quarterback at six, but he gets on the field earlier than anticipated. While Taylor has a stacked team, it’s been a while since fans have seen him at his peak in the early Buffalo days.

His last outing in Cleveland ended in an injury, but he wasn’t playing particularly well before that. If the season goes sideways, the Chargers could throw Herbert or Love into the fire quicker than expected.

There’s a mixed history with rookies who start midseason. For every Baker Mayfield that excels after being thrown in during the rookie year, there’s also a Blake Bortles.

In the immediate future, Herbert is slightly more ready than Love as of now in terms of seeing in-game action, despite Love having the higher ceiling. Playing some of the higher tier college defenses he faced at Oregon has him prepared to some degree for the moment.

In reality, though, this is one of my least favorite situations. The Chargers still have a fairly difficult schedule this year. Some of the top flight defenses the team will have to play in 2020 include Buffalo, New Orleans, New England, Denver twice, and an improved Tampa Bay.

While the Chiefs’ defense isn’t quite as good as those teams, it’s certainly much better than it used to be. Also, they’re the defending Super Bowl Champions.

If Tagovailoa falls, he could be ready to start at the onset. However, there just isn’t that same confidence for me when looking at the tape for Love and Herbert. Perhaps they’ll be thrown into it, but the only time they should play in 2020 is if the Chargers have wrapped up a playoff spot and want to rest Taylor.