LA Chargers: Four possible quarterback situations in 2020

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(Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

2020 is bringing massive change to the LA Chargers’ quarterback position after the departure of Philip Rivers. What are some of the possibilities for how it plays out over the course of the season?

Tyrod Taylor is currently the starter for the LA Chargers. It’s a massive change for a franchise that was able to stabilize itself around Philip Rivers for so long. Taylor said in an interview with Bleacher Report this week that he is “more motivated than ever” to be the starting quarterback.

Personally, I’m very high on the upside for Taylor this season. Despite that, there are still numerous ways the quarterback position for the Chargers could go. Drafting a rookie quarterback, signing a veteran quarterback to compete with Taylor, or letting Taylor play out the season are all possibilities that aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

Option #1: Tyrod Taylor starts the season with a rookie quarterback behind him

Out of all the options that are possible, this is the most likely one. While Taylor is out to prove he can be the starter for the long term, the Chargers will probably be taking a quarterback with the sixth pick. The quarterbacks who could be available at six include Justin Herbert, Jordan Love, and Tua Tagovailoa.

Narrowing it down from there, it’s still a safe bet that Miami will take Tagovailoa, despite the smokescreens and stories about his health out there. If Tagovailoa is available at six, he has a real possibility of beating Taylor out for the job prior to the start of the season. It wouldn’t necessarily be a formality though.

With Tagovailoa most likely out of reach due to Miami’s draft capital making it difficult to trade up, that leaves Herbert and Love. Both quarterbacks are a year or two away from starting as of now. Herbert has some difficulty making the tight window throws under pressure. Love, for a variety of reasons at Utah State, struggled with interceptions in his last season.

This situation involves Taylor playing well enough to start the whole season, presumably with the team in playoff contention. That’s a big if, but with the stacked roster the Chargers have, it’s more of a possibility than some fans would like to admit.