LA Chargers: Seven players on the hot seat in 2020

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LT Trenton Scott

Can I just copy and paste my last slide on Tevi here? It’s really not much different. Trenton Scott and Tevi were really bad in pass protection last year, and somehow Scott may have been the worse one:

What… what happened here? What was Trent Scott doing?

— Ajay Hatake (@_AjaySP) September 24, 2019

Trey Pipkins is probably the likely starter at left tackle at this point, leaving Scott in a reserve role. He demonstrates the same level of inactive hands and slow movement that Tevi does. Some might say that he could be OK in a world where he’s not the starter, but it’s hard to say I’d be confident throwing Scott out there if Pipkins or another tackle gets hurt.

Scott had a 49.6 PFF grade in 2019. That approaches levels of unthinkably bad. The Raiders game in Oakland was his worst outing. In fairness to both Tevi and Scott, the offensive line was a wreck in part due to the unfortunate situation with Russell Okung‘s health. That threw things into whack. Even accounting for that though, there just wasn’t much development from either.

The pressures are just really untenable. Sure, there were some games where Scott didn’t allow sacks, but the pressure rate is untenable. Looking back on it, it’s kind of a miracle Philip Rivers was able to play 16 games.

Realistically, while they both should be cut, it’s likely at least one of them makes the team. Scott and Tevi will battle it out to be a reserve tackle. Maybe one of them tries to pivot to guard. Ultimately, failure to perform in the offseason or 2020 will result in their tenures ending with the team fairly quickly.