LA Chargers: Seven players on the hot seat in 2020

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(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

RT Sam Tevi

Sam Tevi has been a disappointment to this point for the Chargers. That might be putting in lightly. Time and time again, Tevi has demonstrated a pretty serious inability to pass protect consistently. He’s slightly better with the run.

After losing out on Brady, the Chargers made a splash with signing Bulaga. That pretty much immediately removed any possibility that Tevi would be starting at tackle in 2020. If Tevi wants to play as much as he did in previous years, he’ll likely have to fight for a guard spot and prove himself as an interior lineman.

There’s still a possibility that Tevi doesn’t make it to the 2020 season with the team. If the team drafts an offensive tackle as high as they’re expected to, it’s hard to see what role he could realistically have. Tevi may find a way to stick on as a reserve, but as rapidly as the Chargers have been rebuilding the offensive line, there’s a doubt for even that to happen.

Tevi was the 61st ranked offensive tackle by PFF. There’s simply no excuse for him to be on this team anymore. The Chargers should strive for good offensive line play, not just a line that is OK with being not terrible every week.

Theoretically, I should say that he has a lot to prove heading into the final year of his deal or whatever, but he’s a waste of a roster spot that will never improve. Keep Tevi on the roster if you want Tyrod Taylor on the injured reserve by Week 3.