LA Chargers: Seven players on the hot seat in 2020

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FS Rayshawn Jenkins

Lynn has quite a lot of confidence in Rayshawn Jenkins. He’s talked him up quite a lot this offseason. If Jenkins is going to finally break out, 2020 would be a good time with his contract up at the end of the year. Lynn has mentioned that he believes Jenkins is currently elite.

While Jenkins has some great athleticism and occasionally has moments of greatness, he’s pretty far from elite. Of safeties that played 80% of defensive snaps last year, Jenkins ranked 30th out of 37. In fairness to him, like with Davis earlier, it was far from a perfect situation with all the injuries to the secondary. However, winding up with a PFF overall grade barely over 60 with so many snaps played doesn’t inspire confidence.

Missed tackles are another big problem for Jenkins. We’re not quite sure what someone like Nasir Adderley might bring in that department yet, but it’s hard to imagine he’s worse than Jenkins as a tackler.

As a whole, Jenkins made a bunch of boneheaded plays in 2019. The one that sticks out to me wasn’t even a play. After the Chargers got a stop on third down, he committed an unnecessary roughness play that let Green Bay continue the drive.

In fairness to Jenkins, he has gotten better in his time here. Leading the team in interceptions last season was no accident he just happened to walk into. He definitely has improved in coverage. A lot of the time though, he just leaves a lot to be desired.

If Jenkins doesn’t show what he has in 2020 with an improved and healthy secondary, it’ll be time to see what Adderley has instead. Frankly, it may be that time anyway.