LA Chargers: Top five positions of need after free agency

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(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) – LA CHargers
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) – LA CHargers /

1. Offensive Tackle

Bulaga was a great signing. From very early on in free agency, it was clear he’d be a target for the Chargers since they hired James Campen. At this stage, he’s an upgrade over Okung, who’s unfortunately struggled with injuries and the pulmonary embolism.

However, sending Okung out does mean the Chargers should try to fortify the position. Jason Peters has been a rumored name who remains in free agency. Despite age concerns, he’s still a talented veteran who wouldn’t be very expensive. A one year deal really would help here.

Other than the free agents that remain unsigned, the early rounds are where you’ll see the Chargers move on a tackle. Austin Jackson is a great early second-round target. His intensity on every play is tiring for opposing defensive lines. I love his punch at the point of attack as well. If not him, Isaiah Wilson, Ezra Cleveland, and Yasir Durant are other early targets.

Similarly to the defensive line being dependent on the development of Tillery, the offensive line is dependent on the development of Trey Pipkins. If he’s closer to his form in the second half of the season than the first, it can be a much-improved unit. As with Tillery though, the same concerns about a potentially shortened offseason program do exist.

Jason Peters should be a free agent priority for the Chargers. Next

The active presence of the Chargers in free agency has improved some positions, but there’s still some depth needed. At linebacker, the departure of Thomas Davis does create a whole that should be replaced. A true third wide receiver is necessary for the wide receiver group, preferably in the slot.

The defensive tackle position is really dependent on how much Tillery improves in his second year.  Offensive guard and offensive tackle are solid positions for the LA Chargers after obtaining Turner and Bulaga, but depth is necessary.