LA Chargers: 10 sleeper draft prospects that fit the team

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(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

LB Shaquille Quarterman, Miami

Shaquille Quarterman may be the best tackler in the draft. Tackling and stuffing the run from opposing teams is always something the LA Chargers could use help with. Missed tackles have been a problem with the team.

Quarterman racked up 356 tackles per season at Miami. That’s basically 90 a season, which is some insane consistency, year after year. The line to line speed is great, and he’s able to get to the quarterback in pass rush formations.

The comparison for Quarterman in the NFL would be his fellow Miami alumnus Perryman. Their styles of play are almost identical. Perryman tends to be a little better in pass coverage, but I actually think Quarterman may be better as a line to line tackler.

Third downs are where he’ll struggle, at least to start. Miami didn’t play him too often on passing third downs for a reason. It’s a liability, but it’s a fairly easy one to hide considering the Chargers can allow him to develop this season behind Perryman. In two or three years it’s not impossible to see Quarterman as an effective third-down piece, even in the second level.

Perryman only has a year left on his deal. It’s a great idea to select his replacement who will be younger and have a lower cap hit going forward. Quarterman’s ability to close in on plays before they form at the line of scrimmage is something that’s really special, especially since he’s projected to be a later round pick. He’s not as complete of a prospect as some of the top linebackers, but he’s really one of the best of the mid-tier, especially with his relentless tackling.

Shaquille Quarterman with a nice stop on Perine in space #DraftTwitter

— Joseph Yun (@ItsDuckinTooYun) August 25, 2019