LA Chargers: Other Charger greats that finished their career elsewhere

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(Photo by: John Vawter Collection/Diamond Images/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by: John Vawter Collection/Diamond Images/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

3. Lance Alworth

  • Two seasons with the Dallas Cowboys

Antonio Gates has the franchise record for most receiving yards and receiving touchdowns but right behind him is the greatest tight end in team history, Lance Alworth. The Chargers have had some great receivers on the roster, especially in the 2000s, but nobody has recently come close to Alworth in terms of career numbers.

Alworth finished his career with the Chargers with 9,584 receiving yards and 81 receiving touchdowns, which was absolutely remarkable for the era of football that he played in. Alworth led the league in receiving yards and touchdowns three times with the Chargers.

Alworth was a seven-time Pro Bowler, making the Pro Bowl in every season with the Chargers except his first and last, and a six-time All-Pro. He averaged 86.3 receiving yards per game with the Chargers.

Keenan Allen might have a shot at dethroning Alworth for the greatest receiver in team history as he is just over 3,100 yards shy of Alworth, but it would take an extension and another five good years out of Allen to ensure that would happen.

After nine seasons with the Chargers, Alworth signed with the Dallas Cowboys, where he would play another two seasons in 1971 and 1972. He was not the same player, garnering only 682 receiving yards across two seasons with four touchdowns.

However, just like Tomlinson and Seau, Alworth’s tenure with his new team gave him a chance at the newly-created Super Bowl. The Cowboys made the playoffs both years with Alworth and won Super Bowl VI in Alworth’s first season with the team. Alworth had the first touchdown of the game.

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All three greats that left the LA Chargers got a second chance to cement their legacies with a Super Bowl ring. Hopefully, that is the same with Philip Rivers and I would not be mad whatsoever if the Colts were Super Bowl Champions.