Los Angeles Chargers: Full mock draft with Tyrod Taylor starting

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Round 6, Pick 7: Shaquille Quarterman, LB, Miami

The Los Angeles Chargers are losing a huge piece of the special teams unit in Adrian Phillips, who is signing with the New England Patriots. In the sixth round, the Chargers are not just getting Shaquille Quarterman as a depth option at linebacker, but more importantly, to be an impact player in special teams.

Quarterman has some holes that will need to be fixed to be a constant component of the defense, including his decision-making. He is someone who struggles in recognizing plays right away and at times lacks the agility of an every-down backer.

However, he is a very solid tackler and hard hitter that has a fantastic downhill motor. Put him on the special teams unit in the kick-off team and he could be someone that we see bulldozing through blockers and making huge plays for the Chargers.

He also would not be a bad inside linebacker rotational option for running downs and goalline situations.

Round 7, Pick 6: J.R. Reed, S, Georgia

First of all, I would love to see J.R. Reed on the Los Angeles Chargers for his name alone. We have the same last name and his first-name initials are the same as my first and last name initials. C’mon now.

In terms of a football fit, Reed would be a good asset to bring in as a depth safety. The Chargers are set at safety, especially if Nasir Adderley is healthy in 2020, but the team could use some depth, especially to use in nickel and dime packages if Derwin James is lining up elsewhere.

Reed is someone who does not have typical NFL athleticism and could get exposed if he was an every-down defender. However, he is extremely football savvy in recognizing throws and jumping routes.

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His ball-hawking ability would be perfect in Los Angeles, especially if he goes unnoticed on the defensive side of the ball, which he would.