Los Angeles Chargers: Updated fits for Melvin Gordon

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2. Miami Dolphins

Right now, fans of the Los Angeles Chargers are concerned about the Miami Dolphins as they may be the one thing that stands between the team and Tua Tagovailoa. The Dolphins have the fifth overall pick in the draft and have the means to trade up, if needed.

Despite essentially tanking last season, the Dolphins have a reason to sign Melvin Gordon this offseason. First of all, the team does not have a great running game and Gordon is young, so he absolutely could be someone that is still Pro Bowl-caliber for another three seasons.

Second of all, surrounding a rookie quarterback with a running back of Gordon’s caliber is going to help the team in the long run, even if it happens after Gordon leaves. Having that security blanket to not only run the ball but be a weapon in the passing game is huge for rookie quarterbacks.

The Dolphins have a ton of cap space and would easily be able to sign Gordon if his value was over $10 million. With it likely falling over, this becomes a great price for the Dolphins to spend with a rookie quarterback contract and allows the team to use one of its draft picks on something else.

If the Dolphins draft smartly and add the right pieces, we could see one of the quickest turnarounds in recent NFL history. Part of that equation very well could be Melvin Gordon.