Los Angeles Chargers: Updated fits for Melvin Gordon

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(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers /

Melvin Gordon has been a great running back during his tenure with the Los Angeles Chargers and still has not found a home in free agency.

Melvin Gordon‘s chances of staying with the Los Angeles Chargers are just as high as my chances are of being signed by the team to be a running back. Gordon is a solid running back, but after his contract holdout and with the team committing to Austin Ekeler for four seasons, Gordon’s tenure in LA is over.

The problem is that Gordon is yet to find a home in free agency. NFL free agency has already kicked off and Gordon was one of the bigger names available on the market and was not part of the first wave of signings, which is concerning as teams are starting to use up their cap space.

A reason for Gordon still being a free agent is likely because of the offers that he is receiving. Gordon reportedly is not getting any offers close to the $10 million per season offer that he was offered from the Chargers during his holdout.

That is a rough look for Gordon and if Le’Veon Bell did not teach running backs this then Gordon definitely did: sometimes it is best to take the good offer from your existing team, as oftentimes you lose out on some money if you don’t.

Gordon might not be getting any offers that he likes but he is still a valuable running back that when at his best, can be a top-seven or so running back in the entire league.

With the first wave of free agency unfolded and some updated cap figures, here are the three best remaining fits for Melvin Gordon.

Update: ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Los Angeles Rams are releasing Todd Gurley, which further muddies the market for Melvin Gordon.