LA Chargers select Jordan Love in March 2020 Mock Draft

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(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) – LA Chargers
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) – LA Chargers /

The LA Chargers find their quarterback of the future in Jordan Love out of Utah State while fulfilling several other key needs in this March 2020 Mock Draft.

With the combine and interviews now over, a lot has changed since my last mock draft I did in February, which you can read here. Before getting to the new March mock, let’s go over some of the key changes.

The most staggering change was the selection of Denzel Mims in round three. In February, he was on most draft boards as an early third-round pick. Now, it’s pretty evident Mims will be taken at the very latest in the early second round, if not the first. His combine performance blew everyone away. A 4.38 40 yard dash put the whole league on notice.

Troy Pride Jr. was the fifth-round pick for the Chargers in my February mock draft. Now, he’s risen to the third in most mock drafts with a good combine. A.J. Dillon was a big riser as well, going from the end of the seventh round to the end of the fourth.

Completing the mock draft was done through The Draft Network’s mock draft machine. The main needs for the Chargers, in order of importance, included quarterback, offensive line, cornerback, running back, wide receiver, linebacker, tight end, and interior defensive line.

Round 1, Pick 6: QB Jordan Love, Utah State

Jordan Love is a project, but it’s a project worth taking. He’s got an incredible arm, as well as the ability to keep plays alive. If that reminds you of a certain other quarterback in the AFC West, let me know.

That’s not to say Love will be Patrick Mahomes. He’s a project that could go either way. At number six though, everyone is a project. Tua Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow are the only quarterbacks in the draft ready to make an impact on a team right now. For Love, Justin Herbert, or the quarterbacks that will go in later rounds, they aren’t starting immediately.

The Chargers don’t need a quarterback who can play right now. Tyrod Taylor is currently projected to be the started in a pretty loaded offense. Undoubtedly, it’s an offensive group much better than what he had in Buffalo or Cleveland. If the starter is Tom Brady or Teddy Bridgewater, the need for Love to play immediately is also low.

Many will point to Love’s junior season where he threw 17 interceptions as a red flag when drafting him. However, he lost his coach, nine of his offensive starters, and his offensive coordinator. That certainly isn’t a recipe for success in college football, or in any professional league.

There are moments where Love looks clunky when the tape is watched. But there are also moments where he looks stellar in his pocket presence and moments where he delivers the ball with ease. Anthony Lynn and Tom Telesco may decide to go with Herbert. He’s a likable prospect as well. The ceiling Love has is what entices me though. Looking at Love’s game on film shows some intangibles that a touchdown to interception ratio can’t show:

Jordan Love is so natural extending plays. Does a great job keeping his eyes downfield under fire and on the move until his man comes open.

— Rob Paul (@RobPaulNFL) March 14, 2020