Los Angeles Chargers: The top six most likely picks at six

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(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers /

With the draft just around the corner, the possibilities for who the Los Angeles Chargers take with their first selection in the draft seem to be narrowing.

In just 40 days, the NFL draft is slated to begin in Las Vegas.  Intrigue is still building around who the Los Angeles Chargers will end up taking with the sixth pick, as it certainly isn’t as much of a formality as some of the top picks.

Names like Jordan Love, Justin Herbert, and Isaiah Simmons continue to fill in the sixth pick for the Chargers in most mock drafts, but there are other players who can fit the bill as well. The team certainly has more than a few positions of need. Keep in mind, this list goes from least to most likely.

6. OL Jedrick Wills Jr., Alabama

The offensive line in this draft class is a bit hard to predict in terms of who ends up going first. Amongst most draft analysts, Andrew Thomas was the top offensive lineman of the class in January. In current mock drafts though, he tends to rank as the third or fourth lineman taken.

It’s also harder to evaluate because we’ve seen the perception amongst draft experts differ from that of NFL general managers. Last year, for example, no draft analyst in their right mind had the Raiders taking Clelin Ferrell with the fourth pick. In some mocks, he didn’t even make the first round.

Frankly, the first offensive lineman taken could be one of a few players, including the previously mentioned Thomas. Teams love Tristan Wirfs out of Iowa as well. The reason it would theoretically be Jedrick Wills Jr. for the Chargers would be his versatility, as well as his power. With his footwork and strength, he’d be able to play tackle and/or guard depending on the circumstance.

Wills is a player the Chargers can put on their offensive line at the beginning and expect immediate results. He dominated the right side at Alabama and could really slot in anywhere except center for the Chargers.

The reason he’s the least likely pick is because of the depth of offensive line talent in the draft. The Chargers can wait until rounds two or three for a lineman. They may not be able to wait that long for a quarterback.