Los Angeles Chargers: Six free agents to avoid this offseason

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(Photo by Timothy T. Ludwig/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers
(Photo by Timothy T. Ludwig/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Chargers /

A.J. Green

Barring a Bengals’ franchise tag, A.J. Green is decently likely to hit the free-agent market. Green is personally one of my favorite receivers in the NFL. Even as an older receiver, he’s still got athleticism for days and can put up a 1000 yard season like nobody’s business.

However, there are two main issues with the Chargers signing Green. First, the injuries have to be a concern. With Green likely to make over 15 million dollars, whichever team signs him has to be confident in his ability to stay on the field.

Right now, with his injuries mostly being lower-body injuries, it doesn’t feel like a risk that would pay off for the Chargers. $15 million is a lot, especially if a team is burning that money on the injured reserve.

The other issue is fit. The Chargers don’t need a receiver of Green’s caliber to boost the receiving group. They should feel more than comfortable with Allen and Mike Williams as wide receiver one and two. What they really need is a receiver that is complementary as a solid third receiver.

2020 is also a stacked draft year for wide receivers. Even if the Chargers decide to not take a wide receiver in the first two rounds, there’s still quality talent for wide receivers in the third round and beyond.

Brandon Aiyuk, Tyler Johnson, Chase Claypool, and Michael Pittman Jr. are just a few of the solid receivers that could flourish next to Allen and Williams. They have speed, athleticism, as well as some great burst. Claypool in particular showed off some of those skills at the combine.

Green is a solid receiver who, if healthy, can be the number one receiver on the team. The Chargers simply don’t need a No. 1 receiver, they need a complementary one. “If healthy” is unfortunately also the key phrase there.