LA Chargers: 3-round mock has team get quarterback and tight end of the future


The Los Angeles Chargers are in the market for a new quarterback, but will they also be looking for a new tight end?

Chad Reuter of recently posted a three-round mock draft that has trades galore. One of the teams trading its first-round pick in this mock is the Chargers.

Fans are sure to disagree with and dislike his opinion here, so let’s look at how he has this draft going for the Chargers.

Round 1, No. 4 overall: Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon: Yes, No. 4 overall, because Reuter has the Chargers trading up with the New York Giants from the No. 6 spot. This trade would be made to get ahead of the Detroit Lions, who go down to No. 5 in this mock, in order to ensure they get a quarterback.

You probably have already seen countless mocks that have the Chargers taking Herbert, and there is a reason for that. The quarterback from Oregon going to Los Angeles just makes sense. Many Chargers fans don’t seem to like this pick, but as we get closer and closer to the draft, you’re going to see the connection between he and the team being made.

Herbert offers a strong arm and enough mobility to create a brand new dynamic in the Chargers’ offense. In this particular mock, Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa are off the board at this point, so if the Chargers pass on Herbert, they are likely going into 2020 with Tyrod Taylor as the starter and maybe taking a quarterback in the second round.

Round 2, No. 37 overall: Hunter Bryant, TE, Washington: Looking at all the Chargers mocks you have looked at over the last month, this may be a name you have not heard.

This pick also assumes one of two things. That the Chargers don’t re-sign soon-to-be free agent Hunter Henry or that even if they do bring Henry back, they still don’t have enough depth at the tight end position.

Bryant is more of a wide receiver than a tight end and would give the Chargers a tight end that would be a major offensive weapon, even if he would be a bit limited. Bryant is not a tight end in the traditional sense and likely would not benefit from being placed inline.

He would be a move tight end who the Chargers could look to get creative with by lining him up all over the field. Though Bryant has a chance to have a productive NFL career, this pick doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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Round 3, No. 71 overall: This pick is traded to the Giants in Reuter’s mock. So in his world, the Chargers really, really want to make sure they get Herbert.

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