LA Chargers: Could Melvin Gordon wind up in Pittsburgh?


Lately, it seems that many people are predicting where some of the Los Angeles Chargers’ biggest stars will be playing next year and the question is starting to become how many of these players will even be Chargers players anymore.

Melvin Gordon recently guessed that Philip Rivers will play for the Indianapolis Colts next. Now, Gil Brandt of is predicting Gordon’s future.

Brandt suggests that Gordon will leave Los Angeles to suit up in the backfield of the Pittsburgh Steelers. For the record, Brandt also thinks Rivers will wind up in Indianapolis.

The Steelers had a messy divorce with Le’Veon Bell and though it’s unrealistic to expect another running back to give the team what he gave it, James Conner was starting to do just that until an injury-plagued 2019 campaign.

Those injuries could certainly entice the Steelers to look at a guy like Gordon, at least until they see their salary cap situation.

Looking at the salary cap numbers put together by Over the Cap, the Steelers have just $1.5 million in available cap space. Only two teams in the league have less, and those two teams are actually already over the cap.

That doesn’t mean the Steelers wouldn’t be able to land Gordon, but it does make it unlikely. The team would have to make some moves to be able to bring Gordon in for the money he will be looking for.

Now Brandt’s thoughts should absolutely be respected. He has worked for or covered the NFL since the 1950s and was a longtime member of the Dallas Cowboys’ front office, which led to him being named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame last year.

The man knows his football but suggesting that Gordon goes to the Steelers certainly seems to be off.

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We’ve talked about possible new destinations for Gordon many times before, including here. Granted, those were all trade scenarios and while free agency is much different, all of those options still seem more likely than the Steelers.

While it’s still anyone’s guess where Gordon plays next season, it’s becoming hard to find anyone who thinks he’ll be back with the Chargers.