LA Chargers: Contract extension needs to get done for Joey Bosa


While it may not be the first priority of the LA Chargers’ offseason, signing Joey Bosa to a contract extension should still be done sooner rather than later.

Technically, Joey Bosa was eligible for an extension in 2019, but it was unlikely the Chargers were going to extend him last year after picking up his fifth-year option. The elite defensive end is in need of a contract extension this year from the team though, as potential free agency looms in 2021 if not signed to another contract.

There’s no reason to question Bosa’s production. He’s been playing like a monster on the end his whole career. Winner of the Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2016, in addition to two Pro Bowl nominations, he’s been a difference-maker his whole career. Had it not been for a fluky foot injury in 2018, he would have had three consecutive Pro Bowl nods.

Danielle Hunter set the record last season for most sacks before the age of 25 with 46. Bosa is just six behind that pace at age 24, which is incredibly impressive considering he missed 13 games. Winning an end of season award like Rookie of the Year after missing four games is almost unheard of.

In terms of value, the Chargers would be paying a premium. Some estimates can peg the contract around $20-25 million, based on previous contract agreements like Frank Clark or Demarcus Lawrence.

With the defensive intensity and value he brings though, it’s absolutely worth it. He was ranked 29th on Pro Football Focus’ Top 101 2019 players. Among defensive ends, he was ranked second, exactly one spot behind his brother, Nick Bosa.

Ultimately, the Chargers should make the decision to give him the contract sooner rather than later. Following Melvin Gordon‘s holdout last year, the organization shouldn’t want to go through another one, especially considering that Bosa is much more valuable.

If Bosa played a less important position, the hesitance would make more sense. Running backs like Gordon have absolutely been devalued in a way that defensive ends haven’t been.

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While not a quarterback or an offensive skill player, Bosa eventually will have the Brinks truck backed up for him, whether it’s the Chargers or a different team. For the sake of the defense as well as the team, an extension is necessary for Bosa.

He’s the best defensive player the Chargers have had in a long time, perhaps the most talented since Junior Seau. Getting him a contract extension should start a new era in Chargers football, considering the new stadium and high expectations.