LA Chargers: A thank you to Philip Rivers

Last week, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that the LA Chargers have decided to cut ties with quarterback Philip Rivers.

While this comes as no surprise to anyone, it is still a very sad day for Chargers fans all over the country.

On behalf of Chargers fans everywhere, whether they are ecstatic, saddened, disappointed, or whatever emotion they are currently feeling due to the news; I would like to say thank you, Philip Rivers.

Thank you for going out there literally week in and week out, giving it your all on that football field in the hopes of bringing the people of Southern California (and fans such as myself from outside of the state) a coveted Super Bowl championship.

Thank you, for showing football fans of any team what it meant to be full of passion, no matter the circumstances in a specific game, or throughout a whole season. Whether the team was up by three scores, down by three scores, tied, whatever the circumstance; a fan could always feel good knowing that you would do whatever it would take to put the team in some sort of position to succeed.

While it may not have always worked, and it might have been incredibly stressful over and over again at times, no fan could ever put into question the effort that you gave on the football field as the leader of the Chargers.

Thank you for putting your body on the line to try and bring the team and fans to the promised land. Although it did not work, watching you beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on a torn ACL en route to a Super Bowl would have been one of the most amazing (if not the most amazing) stories in the history of the NFL.

Thank you for being without a doubt the greatest trash talker professional sports has ever seen. Your ability to combine fierce in-game attitude with a lack of profanity is second to none. You should have been mic’d up for every game you’ve ever played and the sports world knows it.

Whether you suit up in another uniform next year or decide to hang it up, I will certainly be rooting for your success (as long as it is not at the Chargers’ expense). We cannot wait to see you put on that gold jacket and be enshrined forever once your time in the league is up.

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Thank you, Philip Rivers, for an amazing 14 years as our quarterback. We could not ask for a better leader of the team than what you have been for your entire career.