Tom Telesco suggests change of scheme-ry for Chargers


The Chargers have not made a change at coordinator, but general manager Tom Telesco may have suggested the team has scheme changes on the horizon.

There may be a change at coordinator for the Chargers, but Tom Telesco suggests there may be a scheme change coming regardless of who is calling plays:

“We gotta make sure we bring in the players with the skill set that fits the scheme we’re gonna run, and also make sure we adjust our schemes to the skill sets of some of the players we have.”

Odd how this comment comes about a week removed from two comments regarding scheme changes. During the Chargers’ final game of the season, the telecast provided a comment from defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, stating Joey Bosa would have more sacks had the team played more man defense. Following halftime, a reporter shared Anthony Lynn’s suggestion to Bradley that the team should switch to playing man against the Chiefs.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean Telesco’s comment is referring to defense. One of the issues that hamstrung the Chargers’ season was inserting Melvin Gordon back into the starting lineup, which resulted in all kinds of issues on offense. It’s possible Telesco is referring to using the right players for the right situations, rather than forcing assumed starters.

Another possible explanation is the scheme change on offense with a change at quarterback. Should the Chargers go with someone like Justin Herbert sixth overall. If so, they may be looking to try out a few of these:

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