Los Angeles Chargers finally crack FanSided 250


The Los Angeles Chargers have made an exclusive list within the FanSided community.

Back in 2016, FanSided began something called the FanSided 250 which identified the hottest fandoms in all of professional sports, television and pop culture. This list is made up using a fan vote, social media follows and search history to reveal the top teams and names in all of entertainment.

In those previous three years, the Chargers were nowhere to be found on that list. You’re telling yourself, “Of course not, they have a horrible owner and they moved out of a place they should have never left”.


Well now, with the revelation of this year’s list, the Chargers are on the board, coming in at No. 215 on the list. The Chargers have over three million followers on social media. It also notes that Nick Cannon is a top celebrity fan of the team.

Here’s a look at some other celebrity fans of the team.

So what has helped the Chargers rise through the ranks to become one of the hottest, most buzz-worthy fandoms out there? Is it the recognition that those celebrity fans bring? Not likely. But the Chargers, who have trouble filling a small venue with their own fans at times, have gotten on the board.

It’s hard to put a finger on the reason why the team has made this list this year, but maybe it’s not such a bad thing that they are in Los Angeles. It’s not that the team is winning, because the Chargers have a 5-8 record and are out of the playoff race. The team doesn’t have the most recognizable stars or any larger-than-life personas either.

The perception has been that leaving San Diego was a grave mistake and that the team is toiling away in the City of Angels. But the reality is that the team is going to be playing in Los Angeles for years to come as a co-tenant in the brand new So-Fi Stadium.

Here are some other notes from this list:

  • The Chargers rank No. 23 of all NFL teams and are the last NFL team on the list.
  • The Denver Broncos come in at No. 178
  • The Oakland Raiders come in at No. 96
  • The Kansas City Chiefs come in at No. 36
  • The highest-ranked NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys at No. 17

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The Chargers have some ground to make up if they are ever going to catch their rivals in the AFC West on this list, but just making this list is a huge step in the right direction for the team’s fandom.