Chargers vs Broncos: Questions for the opposing team


The Chargers look to avoid being swept by the Denver Broncos this Sunday. How has the opposing team changed since their last meeting?

If you’re reading this, odds are you’re a Chargers fan. One who can name every starter on the team, their backups, and what position they play.

But do you know anything about the Broncos?

To help out, Bolt Beat chatted with Ty Walden of Predominantly Orange to get a better understanding of the state of the Broncos, from quarterback changes to the future of the franchise. Here’s what he had to say in response to three questions:

Are any of the Broncos’ quarterback options future starters, and if so, who would you prefer to watch play the rest of the season, starting with the Chargers game on Sunday?

It appears, unless something crazy happens, that Drew Lock will be starting for the Broncos on Sunday. Brandon Allen was solid in his first game against the Browns, but has regressed each game since. I will say going up against strong defenses might be the impending reason. But I hope to see Brandon Allen back with Denver as a spot starter/backup. I really want to see what the team has in Lock before we make any panicking decisions. So, having Lock play the final five games of the season would be ideal.

The Broncos have the man I wanted at pick No. 28 in this past draft: Dalton Risner. Talk about how he’s fared this season, and his outlook moving forward.

The offensive line for Denver has been subpar, and that is me putting it nicely. But Dalton Risner has been the bright spot for that offensive line. He had a rough game against a tough Buffalo Bills defense last time out. But other than that game, he’s looked really good. I believe Denver has found one piece to their offensive line for years to come.

Where are the Broncos right now, in your mind, regarding the future of the team? Are they in rebuild mode, or do you think the team is one or two pieces (a quarterback, perhaps) away from contention next year?

Next. How did the Chargers get to this point?

It is really difficult to tell where this team is. On offense Denver is really a good offensive line, long term quarterback, and possibly a second wide out away on offense. (Denver, draft CeeDee Lamb in the first round this year.) On defense, they have a really solid unit. My hope is that the team at least re-signs Derek Wolfe in the offseason, Bradley Chubb comes back stronger from his ACL injury, and maybe find a really good cornerback either in free agency or the draft. Denver is a lot closer than a lot of people believe. It is just staying healthy and getting just a few more pieces. Denver is only a few plays away from being 7-4 instead of 3-8. And that is all on lack of experience in finishing games. If all goes well, look out for the Denver Broncos in 2020.