Chargers: Predicting team’s remaining schedule

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Week 14 at Jacksonville, Week 15 vs. Minnesota

At Jacksonville

The Jaguars are a better team than many people think but their success the rest of this season will depend on Nick Foles, who has supplanted Gardner Minshew as the team’s starting quarterback.

Jacksonville knows it has a capable backup in Minshew but it doesn’t really know what it has in Foles, who played just a couple of drives in the season opener. Still, the team has a solid defense and this just feels like one of those games where Rivers is really going to struggle.

It’s a long road trip to the east coast against a team that is currently tied for third in the league with 30 sacks on the season. The Chargers will need to find a way to get Gordon going on the ground to open the passing lanes and they’ll need to make at least one big play on defense.

This will be another close one, but it just feels like one the Chargers will let slip away, based on what we have seen this season.

Jaguars 24, Chargers 20

Record: 5-8

Vs. Minnesota

This game will take place on Sunday Night Football and will be one of the toughest games the Chargers have left.

Chargers fans will likely point to Kirk Cousins‘ struggles throughout his career playing in primetime, but this Vikings team has many weapons including Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen as well as a very good rushing attack led by Dalvin Cook.

This year’s Chargers have difficulties against poor teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears, but show up and play well against teams like the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts.

This is a game where most will be picking against the Chargers, but Rivers will show he has at least one great performance still left in him as the Chargers win a wild one.

Chargers 31, Vikings 30

Record: 6-8