Chargers game ball in Week 8 win over Packers

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Chargers offensive line plays best game of season

An offensive lineman has received a game ball each of the last two weeks. First, it was Scott Quessenberry and then it was Russell Okung.

This week, the entire unit gets a game ball. First of all, Quessenberry continues to play awesome as the team’s starting center. His transition into the first-team offense has happened so smoothly.

There will be two videos provided below, make sure to keep an eye out for him while watching those plays. As mentioned on the previous slide, the offense as a whole looked so much more physical at every position on Sunday. That includes the offensive line. It was pushing people around all day long.

Even though the Packers defense did sack Philip Rivers twice, both of them were really coverage sacks. Give the Packers defense credit for that, but neither play was the fault of the Chargers’ line.

I love it when young players get their shot and crush it. Chargers center (61) Scott Quessenberry has been excellent since taking over the position. Chargers lost Pouncey and Lamp to injury but the run game has been revived because of Okung’s return and SQ’s solid play.

— Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) November 4, 2019

In the previous game ball article featuring Quessenberry, it was talked about how much Mike Pouncey‘s ability to pull out onto the edge from the center position was something that the Chargers would miss with him on the sidelines.

The Chargers had slowly been easing Quessenberry into that kind of role. On Sunday they unleashed him and he showed up in a big way.  Daniel Jeremiah highlights that here. This ability is something that Steichen should continue to exploit going forward.


— Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) November 4, 2019

Gordon gets the highlight for the hurdle and great run here, and really Gordon did play a great game. But watch that play a few times and appreciate this level of blocking.

Quessenberry and Michael Schofield execute a perfect double team and push up to the second level. Okung and Hunter Henry do an excellent job setting the edge on the left side. Lastly, Trent Scott does just enough to provide a nice cutback lane for Gordon up the right side.

This kind of blocking simply was not happening in the team’s previous games. The Chargers offensive line played their best game of the season by far and justifiably deserve a lot of praise thrown their way.