Derek Watt inexcusably ignored as the Chargers lose again


Another week, another loss for the Chargers. Once again, Derek Watt remains an ignored component of the offense.

The Chargers are 2-5 to start the season, and fullback Derek Watt has been on the field for 10 or more offensive snaps just twice, and under 10 offensive snaps five times. The result (and snaps):

  • Week 1: Win (15)
  • Week 2: Loss (six)
  • Week 3: Loss (eight)
  • Week 4: Win (19)
  • Week 5: Loss (eight)
  • Week 6: Loss (six)
  • Week 7: Loss (five)

The Chargers have not won a game this season when Watt plays single-digit snaps; since 2018 (including the postseason), the Chargers are 11-1 when he is on the field for more than 10.

This has been a personal running joke on Twitter for weeks now, and the stat has caught on:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have made it to the coaching staff just yet.

Sure, game flow does have something to do with it. Down 0-21 to the Steelers, many don’t expect the Chargers to use a fullback to try and catch up. It’s a fair assumption.

But what about, perhaps, a game-winning situation one yard from the end zone?

"I don't want them to gain another yard… If they cross the line of scrimmage, I'm going to take every last one of you out. You make sure they remember the night they played the #Titans."

— Tennessee Titans (@Titans) October 21, 2019

Actually, two goal-to-go situations from Sunday’s loss to the Titans. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1st and goal from the three: No Watt, no gain.
  • 2nd and goal from the three: No Watt, two yards.
  • 3rd and goal from the one: Watt is in, it’s a run fake, passing touchdown to Gordon.
  • 1st and goal from the one: No Watt, no gain (false start Feeney).
  • 1st and goal from the one (after the defensive pass interference): No Watt, no gain.
  • 2nd and goal from the one: No Watt, no gain. Gordon fumbles.

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That’s inexcusable. By the way, Watt absolutely crushed Titans returners on two separate occasions, so it’s not like he isn’t contributing to the team. The coaches can’t possibly have forgotten him, so why are they ignoring him?