Chargers nicknames and a time for new traditions

CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 13: Rayshawn Jenkins #23 of the Los Angeles Chargers intercepts a pass intended for Johnny Holton #80 of the Pittsburgh Steelers during the fourth quarter at Dignity Health Sports Park October 13, 2019 in Carson, California. (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)
CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 13: Rayshawn Jenkins #23 of the Los Angeles Chargers intercepts a pass intended for Johnny Holton #80 of the Pittsburgh Steelers during the fourth quarter at Dignity Health Sports Park October 13, 2019 in Carson, California. (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Chargers might have some more popular nicknames out there, such as “Slayer”, “Flash”, and “King Mel”, but what about some of the up and coming players?

It might excite some more than others, but there is some excitement in giving a Chargers player a nickname or phrase that sticks. It brings the fanbase together and gets people excited to shout it out when that player makes a play.

A personal favorite? “Des is King!” It may not be a nickname, but it is one of those phrases that can get a fan to jump up onto their feet and begin shouting it as Desmond King makes his way to the end zone on a pick six or punt return.

Furthering this, it’s a hopeful thought, but imagine all the Chargers fans in the stadium booming out a “Slay!” whenever Keenan Allen makes a catch? Something that could rival Green Bay’s “Kuhn!” or Carolina’s “Luke!” that you hear over the broadcast on TV.

These are just little things, similar to Pittsburgh’s Terrible Towel, that make fans want to return to the stadium every week. A culture and tradition that is built upon and keeps fans excited. So what do Chargers fans have to work with here?


This is the easiest one. Still disappointing that you don’t hear “Slay!” whenever Allen makes a catch at home games. It’s too good to pass up, and it’s something that would really fire him up. It is known, that when Allen gets hot, he gets hot.

He has said multiple times that after that first catch early, he finds a groove. So what if the fans helped a little bit? Add this new tradition, shout out “Slay!” when the Slayer makes a catch, and I think you could see the wide receiver get fired up. No receiver in the league is better than a fired-up Allen. So there is some input, the first tradition proposed.



The name is in the man’s Twitter handle, but you never see fans bring it up. Showcase Hayward is by far one of the best nicknames on the team, and Hayward backs it up with his play.

Hayward is among the best cornerbacks in the league right now

and has made some phenomenal plays for the Chargers so far this year. Put some respect on the name of Showcase!


This one is nominated right here right now. Surfing the web on all the team sites, on Twitter, you just never see it. Well, this one needs to stick.

Drue Tranquillizer needs to become a thing. Yes, you could add a “Drue!” similar to Carolina, but come on, look at his name! It’s perfect! The Tranquillizer puts these offenses to sleep!

“Des Is King! Des Is King! Des Is King!”

King has earned this praise. He might be the most valuable player on the team right now due to his returning ability and lockdown slot defending. Nickel corner is much, much, much more valuable in the NFL today than it was even five years ago, so when you get an elite one like King, it is important and fans appreciate just what he brings to the table.

The man might be the best tackler on the Chargers’ defense, and that isn’t so much a knock on the defense as much as it is praise for King.

It would bring tears to a pair of eyes to hear the crowd chanting this after a big play by King. He has earned the love, and has earned the contract coming to him soon. This might be one that can stick because Des is in fact, king.


It might be too early for this one, but Nasir Adderley has a future in this league and on this Chargers team. Turn on the college tape, and the preseason tape and one thing is blatantly clear. Nas is fast. The range he displays from sideline to sideline, the instincts and playmaking ability he possesses, it won’t be long until this proposal of shouting out a resounding “Nas!” makes sense.

Everyone already calls him Nas, and the name is fun to use. Can’t wait to hear it shouted around the stadium, as Gus Bradley has stated a few times that they will need Nas down the stretch.


Come on, if the Chargers don’t start playing this song through the stadium when Rayshawn Jenkins makes a big play, all sanity is in question.

68 inches

— Rayshawn Jenkins (@Jenkz_26) July 10, 2019

“Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, them boys up to something!” What an environment that would be to see the players and fans react to that!

Way too much hype even just thinking about it! If the Chargers won’t do it, then fans need to start chanting it themselves when Jenkins makes a play, because it needs to become a tradition!

It’s up to us

Chargers fans, this team feeds on hype, they feed on adrenaline. When they are on, they are on. It is going to be up to all of you to get this team going.

Go to games, show up, and get hyped. That’s what builds this team up. The time has come where there is no more complaining, no more “I quit on this team”, no more “time to tank”. It is time for fans to support this team for real, instead of watching from couches and expecting the talent to do all the work. It’s time to give this team something to fight for.

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New traditions need to be started, whether it’s one of the mentioned traditions or chants above or something all fans come up with, something needs to happen here. Something needs to progress.

It is time for the Chargers to be something that fans can be proud of. Soak it in, Chargers. It is time to move forward, and begin something great. See you in Los Angeles.