Melvin Gordon to report in six to eight weeks says Ian Rapoport

Melvin Gordon is reportedly going to end his holdout in a few weeks, thus allowing him to become a free agent in 2020.

Talk about some early morning news: Melvin Gordon, according to Ian Rapoport, is expected to return to the Chargers within the coming weeks.

Reportedly, he’ll come back to the team between the sixth and eighth week of the season, reporting to the Chargers to allow himself to qualify for free agency next season. Though it was possible he held out the entire year, it looks like he won’t be attempting to do what Le’Veon Bell did last season.

The news, at least as it reads in Rapoport’s article, doesn’t sound like a triumphant return to the team. Actually, to be honest, I’m not sure what to make of it, but more details can help add to what is already known so fans can have more to go off of.

Here’s the thing: This team, as the coaches and general manager have said, is better with Gordon on the team. Trying to convince anyone Gordon was not an important part of this offense is absurd. Last year, No. 28 (when still 28) worked his tail off to put up good numbers and break tackles. He’s the guy who was injured, still played in Baltimore, got injured during the same game, but still stuck it out to the end, even scoring the team’s only touchdown.

And let’s face it, though Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson are going to be an excellent duo this season, it’s difficult to believe they’ll find immediate success behind the current offensive line on a consistent basis. Gordon, though injured in most years, still finds a way to produce when on the field and has done so in more games against tougher teams than either of them have.

So why doesn’t it feel like more excitement for the team?

It comes down to what kind of role Gordon is going to have, and what the state of the running game is when he returns. I love Gordon as much as the next supportive fan, but even I would have a hard time seeing him return if for six to eight weeks his backups, now in a starting rotation, are absolutely crushing it on offense.

Are the Chargers going to even get meaningful snaps out of him, or will he just attempt to do enough to stay healthy and get to 2020?

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Time will tell, and before most (like myself) can make a decision on how they feel about the return, wait for more details to surface regarding the manner of the return. But, for those who feel they’d love to see Gordon return, this is at least a comforting piece of news.