Los Angeles Chargers vs Denver Broncos: Open Thread

This is your official spot to head into the comments section and write about the Oakland Radiers….. errrrrr….. Los Angeles Chargers game.

Let this be the official open thread to declare our 1-day affair with the Oakland Raiders! It is OK… we have a hall pass for this one! Can’t believe that they are going to pull off the upset today on America’s favorite Patty Mahomes! Then the Chiefs are going to get knocked out in the wild card round. MADNESS!!!!

Do I really believe that Oakland is going to pull this bad boy off?! I will not answer that!

Could it actually happen? I have seen crazier things happen in my life. Division opponents always get a little bit extra and I am sure that Chucky wants to end this rough season on a good note.

At least at the end of the day we will finally know what our path to the Super Bowl is going to look like and we will get to see what teams have a chance to come to Los Angeles. I just know I will get a couple of weeks to make a few hundred dollars for tickets!

We all will be scoreboard watching today and it is all good! I know the players will be keeping their eyes on that game as well. I guess we do have to worry about Von Miller and the rest of those guys as well.

What do I want to see out of our guys this weekend?

I want to see the Chargers come out strong right from the gun! I want to see this offense to play fast and to keep the mistakes to a minimum. No more stupid flags. No more stupid turnovers. No more self inflicted mistakes!!

So… here we go… JUST WIN BABY.

Is it weird that I am in Vegas this weekend rooting for their new home team? I guess it was meant to be! Number 1 seed and “home field advantage” throughout the playoffs…. here we come!

Let’s start off this comments section with this: Rank the AFC teams by which team you would like to see the least in the playoffs. 1 would be the team you would least like to see and the lower the number is the team you would rather see. Rank em up y’all!