Los Angeles Chargers Should Go After Bruce Irvin


The Los Angeles Chargers should bring in pass rusher Bruce Irvin to their defense.

The Oakland Raiders decided to drop Bruce Irvin today. They are in full rebuild mode and they will move on from anyone that has not bought in. It seems that Irvin was in the doghouse with Head Coach Jon Gruden. In the last game, he barely was on the field.

The Los Angles Chargers should jump on the opportunity. Irvin is a top pass rusher that can bring something to the defense that has been missing. Melvin Ingram is still a threat on defense, but with Joey Bosa still recovering from a foot injury, Ingram has had to run through two lineman any time he chases after the quarterback.

Adding a top pass rusher will take some pressure off of Ingram. We still are not sure when Bosa will get back to the field, so getting some insurance will be big for the team. The Chargers have done better as of late getting pressure on quarterbacks, but adding another threat would be huge moving forward.

Is this a move that the Chargers would make? I do feel that this is something the Chargers would make. It is a veteran player that would not cost much and would help bring some depth to the roster. He does have a big price tag at the moment, but once he clears waivers, that money will be owed to him from the Raiders. The Chargers wouldn’t have to pay him that dollar amount and could rent him for the rest of the season.

Why would Irvin want to join the Chargers? He would get to play with Gus Bradley again and would get to join some top pass rushers. This season he has 3 sacks and he has had 15 sacks in the last couple of seasons with the Raiders. The Chargers leaders in sacks are Derwin James and Melvin Ingram with 3.5 each. Adding Irvin would be a huge upgrade!

Chargers need to make this move!