Los Angeles Chargers will still put up points on the Rams


With all this talk about the superstar Los Angeles Rams defense, what are the Los Angeles Chargers going to do?!?!

The Chargers have just as many playmakers on offense as the Rams have on defense. Everyone is wondering how the Chargers are going to move the football, but the Rams should wonder how they are going to slow our offense down. They slowed the Raiders and the Cardinals early in the season, but the Chargers offense is one of the top passing offenses in the league.

Philip Rivers has started out the season on fire. He has been locked in from the start of the year and if it weren’t for a few drops in the first game, he could be undefeated going into this game.

The Rams defense will be the toughest that the Chargers have seen early in the year, but the Chargers have a lot of weapons to spread the ball around to. Philip Rivers will be sure to move it around to everyone.

Keenan Allen and Marcus Peters will get to see each other all over again. They both have had their wins in this matchup. Allen and Aqib Talib could be matched up as well. Philip Rivers knows all about these corners.

Who will be the receiver on the other side? Will it be Tyrell? Will it be Benjamin? Will it be Mike Williams? Those corners won’t be able to cover them all. Someone will get a chance and Philip will find them.

This could be a big game for Antonio Gates. Tight ends have ripped up the Rams early this season and this could be the game that Gates shines. The biggest weakness on the Rams defense is at the linebacker position and that is where Gates can make his dough.

The Rams could be tough up the middle with Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh, but the Chargers can attack the defense with their running backs in the passing game. Philip has been using Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler a lot in the passing game. I expect big games from the runningbacks in the passing game. This could be one of those games that Austin Ekeler puts in a couple of touchdowns.

The Rams defense has a lot of playmakers on it. Philip Rivers will not shy away from attacking. It is going to make for a fun matchup to see where our offense ranks against some of the best in the league. I expect this Chargers offense to put up points. It will be up to the Chargers defense to make some plays in order for us to leave with a win.