Los Angeles Chargers S Derwin James is Going to be the Best Safety in the NFL

By Ernie Padaon

Los Angeles Chargers S Derwin James is going to be the best safety in the league. It has been 2 games, but let’s just make the call already.

Nice win by the Los Angeles Chargers this morning against the Buffalo Bills. There was a certain rookie on the Chargers that looked like he was playing the game at a different speed today. Everywhere you looked, you would see a blur of Derwin James on the screen right next to the football.

James, the Swiss Army Knife, showed that he can do it all. At some moments he was chasing after the quarterback for a sack or getting major pressure on him, at other moments he was making giant hits and knocking down passes. He is going to be the best safety in the game.

We already have seen some really good safeties on our team in the past. We had Eric Weddle and we had Rodney Harrison to look at and now we have Derwin James. This kid is going to be the best in the league. Sure it could be me being the homer, but his talent shines every second he is on the field. It has only been 2 games, but this kid is special!

We have ourselves a superstar. I can’t even imagine this defense with Joey Bosa lined up with the rest of the guys! This defense has shown that it can make plays, but it has shown some holes in it as well and has given up some big plays. Imagine the defense with another superstar on the field!

Derwin is still missing an interception on the stat sheet, but that is going to be coming real soon. He is making plays all over the field. Today, Derwin should have ended the game with 2 sacks, hopefully they change the ruling on one of those plays tomorrow. Currently, the ruling is that he only had 1 sack.

He shot into the backfield and almost took  the handoff right out of Josh Allen’s hands and when he brought him down for the tackle, they didn’t give him a sack. They considered Josh Allen a runner at the time, but that makes no sense. There were other times where Derwin was close to making the sack, where he either over ran the play or just missed the tackle.  He easily could have finished the game with 4 sacks.

Two games for Derwin and he already has 2 sacks. He is a a safety! He was blowing up blockers and looked like one of the most physical players on the field. He also looked like the fastest player on the field.

Let’s make the call already. Derwin is a superstar.