Roberto Aguayo outkicking Caleb Sturgis in training camp?


“I can’t believe my eyes, a Minotaur!”

Ah Role Models, what a great film. Remember that one? Specifically the part where Joe Lo Truglio’s Kuzzik is absolutely stunned when Paul Rudd and Co. arrive at the big battle scene in an awesome Minotaur truck?

That same look was probably on all of our faces when we found out that Roberto Aguayo has been outperforming Caleb Sturgis during their kicking battle.

From what has been reported by’s Eric D. Williams, Aguayo has only missed three field-goal attempts. When the Chargers worked on field goals for the first time during camp, Aguayo was 5-of-6 with a long of 50 yards. On Day 2 of the kicking competition, he hit all eight of his field-goal attempts, including a 53-yarder. And just yesterday, he finished 6-of-8 with another 50-yard field goal. Meanwhile, Sturgis has missed seven field goals on 21 attempts.

Many thought Aguayo, who was signed to a futures/reserve contract in the offseason, would have no shot in making the team. He’s a former second-round pick who buckled under the pressure in Tampa Bay, which led to his release after just one year with the Bucs. He spent time with the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers last year but did not attempt a single kick during the regular season.

As for Sturgis, he was a solid kicker for the Eagles who only lost his job last season because he got injured, and that the rookie Jake Elliott was dominant in replacing him. The Chargers signed the former Dolphin and Eagle kicker to a two-year, $4.45 million deal. Many anointed him the Chargers’ starting kicker the second he signed the contract.

It’s too early to tell what’s going to happen. We have to see how these two play during a live game. Perhaps Aguayo has his confidence back. Remember, he left Florida State as the most accurate kicker in NCAA history, so you know he has talent. Either way, the Chargers really need a consistent kicker in 2018 after what happened last season.