Bolt Beat Monday Mailbag: Philip Rivers and the fourth quarter

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Question 5

What do you think of my dream draft – move up in 1st round pick to 13 to select Tremaine Edmunds or Roquan Smith (trade 3rd) then up in 2nd to select Harrison Philips (trade 4th)? After that sign a cheap FS (<$3mm) one of Reid/Boston/Vaccaro.  -Scott

  1. Trading up for Edmunds/Smith. I’m all for it, except I don’t believe moving up to 13 is enough. The 49ers are likely needing a replacement with Reuben Foster’s off-the-field issues, and the Raiders have been projected to take a linebacker by almost every mock draft. In front of the Chargers if they moved to 13 are also the Bears and Dolphins, who could snag a LB.
  2. Moving up to take Harrison PhilipsNo need to trade up in the second round. The class is so deep with DT that can be found in the second round and beyond. Give me Tim Settle and Derek Nnadi instead, by the way (well, give me Vita Vea, really!)
  3. Sign a cheap FS. Sure, why not? Especially if we are assuming the Chargers do not take a legitimate starting safety in the draft.

Question 6: Hi. Big Charger fan from Fla. Question is: What are your expectations for Desomd King next year and do you think he has a chance to be the best overall pick from last years draft?  Thank you for your articles. Keep up the great work. Hope to hear your opinion. -Chuck

I absolutely love Desmond King. He’s one of the best draft picks Telesco has ever made. The second-year pro out of Iowa can cover, rush the passer, and tackle very well.

My expectation for King is that he continues to ascend as a player that is incredibly versatile. What makes him so exciting is how he can spark a defense:

[Highlight] Desmond King Pick-6 on Dak Prescott

— TheRenderNFL (@TheRenderNFL) November 24, 2017

I truly cannot recall a player selected that was heralded by both pundits and fans, balled out in the preseason, and then panned out even better in the regular season. He’s been nothing short of spectacular.

Best pick from last year’s draft though? Not sure.

Saints rookie Alvin Kamara was a sensation last season. I had him on my fantasy team as a waiver-wire pickup, and traded him to a Saints fan for Mike Evans. I lost that trade. Kamara had 1,554 total yards from scrimmage, averaged 31.5 yards per kickoff return, and scored 14 total touchdowns on offense and special teams. All without getting a legitimate chance to rush/catch until Week 4.

Deshaun Watson was also marvelous last season for the Texans, including a stretch of five starts with 1,658 total yards and 18 touchdowns. He’s going to be one of the most fun players to watch next season, barring injury.

King is possibly the best value pick from the 2017 draft, but he’s definitely got competition from other great selections for the best overall pick.