Bolt Beat Monday Mailbag: Reactions to Free Agency

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Question 3: Hey Tyler. What do you think the Chargers are going to do the first three rounds of the draft now that free agency is over? – Brandon

Good question, and as of right now, I can’t be sure. Yes, the main wave of signings has passed, but there are many roster cuts/signings to go. Free agency isn’t close to over, and even continues after the draft. This is a more extreme example, but Brandon Flowers, who turned out to be a solid corner for the Chargers, was signed in June when released very late by the Kansas City Chiefs.

There is so much more time left between now and the draft that anything could change. But that’s not the answer you came here for, so I’ll give it my best shot:

  1. Round One: Linebacker
  2. Round Two: Defensive Tackle
  3. Round Three: Quarterback (I would prefer offensive line, unless free agents fill that need for us)

There are currently two major vacancies on the Chargers’ roster: Safety and linebacker. Until cuts are made, the Bolts are still carrying multiple defensive tackles. So technically, while an upgrade is absolutely necessary, it’s not an immediate “priority.” I believe safety would be a fun choice at 17, but considering how much Anthony Lynn has been talking up linebackers and needing to be physical, I believe a guy like Rashaan Evans out of Alabama becomes the pick. Tremaine Edmunds and Roquan Smith won’t fall to 17.

The second pick should be defensive tackle. This is a deep class, and I would love to wait until this round to address the interior line unless Vea falls to us in the first.

I still stand by the belief that the Bolts will take a quarterback in the third round, but would also not be surprised if they took one in the second either. There is a surprisingly very capable second tier of quarterbacks to choose from on Day 2, and grabbing one in the third round without the immediate pressure of starting would be good.

Ask me again in three weeks when more of free agency has played out, though.

Question 4: What is the worst thing Telesco and the Chargers could do this offseason? -Dan

Cut Philip Rivers and make Kellen Clemens the starter, obviously.

The worst thing the Bolts could do is not address the interior defensive line. I can’t watch another season of the Chiefs routinely gashing the defense over and over again. By Lynn’s own admission, Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram were forced to play more run technique than simply rush the passer over the second half of the season, which they were selfless enough to do and did well. But they need to be focused on crushing the quarterback, something that a shiny new, big, fat defensive tackle could do. The current guys are either ineffective or not true starters. Not addressing the position with a legitimate starter via free agency or the draft would be a critical mistake.

Thanks for your questions guys! Shoot me a question down below. I’d love to get a really difficult question, and maybe even give that question its own article. You dictate how the mailbag works, so if you want something talked about, send it on my way. Go Bolts!